Worship Ministry
Worship Ministry Purpose
The primary purpose of any Worship Ministry is to give glory to our Lord, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. He is the Alpha and Omega, the God of the Universe who is to be the whole purpose of our lives. He is worthy of all of our worship, and in our church, the responsibility lies with the Worship Team to help create an atmosphere in which people can be led by the Holy Spirit into an encounter with God.

Working as a whole, the Worship Ministry brings several elements to our service of worship including music, scripture reading, drama, visual arts, and media. Ministry should not be a responsibility that is taken lightly, nor with mediocrity. We want to give God our best.  We want to do everything with excellence.  We cannot be perfect but we should strive to give God excellence in our efforts in ministry.

Worship Ministry Mission Statement
Our mission is to live, teach, and clear the way for authentic worship.
Our mission is to live a life of authentic worship; not just on Sunday mornings but each and every day.
Our mission is to teach authentic worship to others.  We can do this both through speaking and by being an example of authentic worshippers.
Our mission is to clear the way for authentic worship.  We want to eliminate anything that can be a distraction or disruption from authentic worship.