Seniors Ministry
Lots of activities for the Senior Adults in the month of October. 1st - Myers Theater in Hillsboro, IN, on October 13, we will be going to see “Murder at Café Noir” at the noon meal.  We have moved this from evening to noon meal for those who wish to attend the early show. This will be a Lula theme meal. Reservation deadline is Oct. 1 and the cost is $42 2nd - Pontoon Trip.  We will be going to Mill Creek Lake on Wednesday, October 17.  We will take advantage of the beautiful fall weather for a tour of the lake and sack lunch.  Hope we have a great attendance. Reservation deadline is October 11 and the cost is $10 per person 3rd - Beef House on October 27 at noon, we will be going to see the Odd Couple for the noon performance. Reservation deadline is Oct. 19 and the cost is $45.  Hope to see you.    Also I know it is very early, but we need to be thinking about Christmas play at Beef House on December 15 at noon.  This will fill up very quickly.  Last year we waited too long to get into the noon performance. Since these fill up real fast, reservation deadline is October 27 and the cost is $45.    If you are interested in any of these activities, please contact Chris in the office with money for any or all of these activities.