Missions Ministry

                       2018 Theme: "His Harvest Field-Our Vision"                    

   -Faith Promise Missions-

CMF International (Todd & Tonja Hancock Family Cholula, Mexico)

Choices Pregnancy & Health Center (Local)

Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch (St. Ignatius, Montana)

TCM International Training Center (Eastern Europe)

Lincoln Christian University (Lincoln, IL)

International Disaster Emergency Services (IDES Headquartered In Noblesville, IN)

HIS Ministry, Inc. (Local-Marion Pate, Executive Director)

Faith In Action Of Edgar County (Local-Nila Nugent, Executive Director)

Oil Belt Christian Service Camp For All Ages (Flora, IL)

Heart For Central Africa & Tracy's Heart (Congo-Brenda Buell)

“His Harvest Field - Our Vision” is the theme for this year’s Faith Promise to Missions.  Todd Hancock, former youth minister here at LRCC, and currently our CMFI missionary in Cholula/Puebla, Mexico will share with us Sunday, Oct. 1 at both services and the Bible School hour.  Tonja and youngest daughter Lisset will also be with him.  Their older children
Mitchell and Mallory have already headed off to Milligan University.  As well as serving in new church planting, Todd and Tonja also work with campus ministry in Cholula.  Lake Ridge began the Faith Promise to Missions Program in November of 1983, supporting 6 missions, including some we still support today. This is a quote from the  November 1983 Ripple, “A Faith Promise is a commitment made to God, based not on how much you have, but on how much you believe God will provide for you to use in worldwide evangelism. .. The Faith Promise is a covenant made with God in which the individual promises God that he will trust Him for a designated amount to be given weekly for His program of worldwide evangelism…The Faith Promise challenges us to venture out for Christ. 
IDES (International Disaster Emergency Services) is one of our Faith Promise Missions.  If you desire to help financially with any natural disaster relief anywhere in the world, all you have to do is designate where you desire your money to go and 100% of your funds will go there.  For example, in the memo of your check you may put the amount you wish to give and write IDES - hurricane relief United States.   IDES uses missionaries and churches to distribute the aid that they supply.  Last year the church where Shane Mullins now serves in Georgia was used by IDES to construct small storage sheds for victims of a tornado that went through their town.  In the coming year Lake Ridge will be working with IDES to possibly become a distribution center in the event of a natural disaster in our area.  You may “like” IDES on Facebook and see daily where they are sending aid in both the U.S. and other nations.