A HUGE 'Thank You' to everyone who donated items for Brenda Buell for Tracy's Heart Ministry.  We gathered two (2) large boxes of food and medical supplies for her to take back with her to Heart for Central Africa.


Missions Ministry

                       2018 Theme: "His Harvest Field-Our Vision"                    

   -Faith Promise Missions-

CMF International (Todd & Tonja Hancock Family Cholula, Mexico)

Choices Pregnancy & Health Center (Local)

Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch (St. Ignatius, Montana)

TCM International Training Center (Eastern Europe)

Lincoln Christian University (Lincoln, IL)

International Disaster Emergency Services (IDES Headquartered In Noblesville, IN)

HIS Ministry, Inc. (Local-Marion Pate, Executive Director)

Faith In Action Of Edgar County (Local-Nila Nugent, Executive Director)

Oil Belt Christian Service Camp For All Ages (Flora, IL)

Heart For Central Africa & Tracy's Heart (Congo-Brenda Buell)